Augsburg – According to estimates by Augsburg club president Klaus Hofmann, the soccer Bundesliga will become even more attractive to players as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Professionals could “be confident that they will get their money if they sign contracts in Germany. Take a look at Italy and Spain, where player salaries are sometimes cut by 70 percent so that clubs can survive. Many players will surely lick their fingers afterward if they are allowed to play in the Bundesliga, ”said Hofmann (52) in an interview with the“ Augsburger Allgemeine ”and added:“ Germany will be a very attractive one for the next one, two or three years Become a goal for professional footballers. »

Hofmann does not expect major changes in the squad for the Bundesliga teams. «I believe that there will be no major upheavals in the squad in the summer, but only selective adjustments.

The players who have a contract in the Bundesliga want to keep it, they won’t get a better one, »he said. “It will probably be the same at FC Augsburg.”

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