The Spanish team MAD Lions is heading for the title in the Counter-Strike League Flashpoint. Photo: Flashpoint / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Flashpoint / TEH)

Los Angeles – The Spanish team MAD Lions also dominates in the knockout round of the Counter-Strike League Flashpoint. The Danes won both games 2-0 and are thus in the upper bracket final of the tournament.

In the opening game, the Danish team beat the Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix 16:14 and 16: 2. In the second round against Cloud9, it was just a little bit less for MAD. They won 25:23 on Mirage and 16: 7 on Nuke.

In the upper bracket final, MAD Lions meets the Brazilian team member. The two-time major winner won 2-1 against the US team Orgless as well as against the Finns from Havu.

The Brazilians were on the brink of defeat against Havu. The Finns won the first Vertigo card 16: 8. Mibr was only able to win the Dust2 card they had chosen in the extension with 19:17. On the third card Train, mibr was dominant again and won 16: 3.

The first to leave are FunPlus Phoenix and Chaos Gaming. Neither team could win a single card in the knockout round.

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