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SportsMosley regrets the high cost of young motorsports

Mosley regrets the high cost of young motorsports



London – Former World Association leader Max Mosley still regrets that young drivers have not paved the way to Formula 1 at low cost.

“I’m sure there are a lot of talents out there who have never had the chance of real competition,” said the Briton shortly before his 80th birthday on Easter Monday to the German Press Agency. Mosley led the world automotive association Fia from 1993 to 2009 and was, therefore, the top rule-maker of motorsport.

Most of all he regretted “failing to establish a straight path for drivers as FIA President to make it from karting to Formula 1 with means that a simple family can raise”. According to Mosley, this would have required a series of inexpensive standard racing series to obtain the super license called Formula 1 driving license. The lawyer Mosley believes that there would have been “massive resistance, even litigation,” for this course. “But I should have done it anyway.

However, he still fondly remembers many stages of his career in motorsport, said Mosley. From the victory in his first club race as a racing driver to the entry as team boss with the March racing team in Formula 1 in 1970 to his election victory against the Frenchman Jean-Marie Balestre in 1991 in the battle for of president of the motorsport. Association Fisa.

In his subsequent years as Fia boss, Mosley became a pioneer for safety on the racetracks and in traffic. His best decision had been to move the Fia against resistance from the auto industry to support more stringent crash and safety tests on new cars. This saved tens of thousands of lives in the past 20 years, Mosley said.

As a close companion of the former managing director Bernie Ecclestone, Mosley is considered one of the fathers of modern Formula One. At the same time, he always remained an argumentative figure.

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Kiranpreet Kaur
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