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Government and PoliticsMorning news - April 13, 2020 - Politics

Morning news – April 13, 2020 – Politics


What is and will be important.

The most important thing about the coronavirus

So far, more than 3,600 corona deaths in US old people’s homes. The United States reported a total of 22,000 deaths on Sunday. In Italy, the death toll increased by 431, the lowest increase since mid-March. An overview of the worldwide reports

Oil-producing countries agree on lower production. With the cut, Opec + wants to stabilize the oil price, which has fallen rapidly due to the Corona crisis, among other things. The daily amount is to be reduced by 9.7 million barrels from May 1st. More on this

Also important:

What is important besides the coronavirus

Erdogan refuses to resign from his interior minister. Suleyman Soylu had announced his resignation after massive criticism of the curfews. On Friday evening, there was panic buying and crowds of people in the affected cities due to the very short notice. More on this

What becomes important

The deadline for forming a government in Israel expires. Benny Gantz of the Mitte-Bundnis Blau-Weiss has only until Monday one minute before midnight to form a coalition. President Rivlin rejected an extension of another two weeks on Sunday. Gantz had recently shown himself ready to coalition with Netanyahu, although he is accused of corruption in three cases. In protest, however, part of his alliance has split off from blue and white.

Breakfast cereal

Hairstyles of the crisis. It doesn’t look good under the hashtag #CoronaHaircut. Barbershops are closed and many people are shaggy as a result. Why you shouldn’t cut your own hair anyway show pictures on the net.

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Synthia Rozario
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