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The U.S. Democrats are moving closer in the fight against President Donald Trump: left-wing Senator Bernie Sanders has officially pledged his support to the only remaining presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

He is calling on all Americans to support Biden’s presidential candidacy – as he does, Sanders said on Monday at a public online video outlet with his previous opponent Biden. Trump is the most dangerous president in recent US history. It is important to ensure that Trump has only one term. “We need you in the White House,” said Sanders at Biden’s address. “I’ll do everything I can to make it happen.” Sanders had stepped out of the US Democratic presidential race last week, paving the way for a bid for ex-Vice President Biden.

This is now the only remaining presidential candidate of his party and is already a challenger for incumbent Trump in the presidential election in early November – long before the end of the primaries. The candidate’s official freestyle is to follow at a Democratic nomination party conference in the summer.

When announcing his retreat a few days ago, Sanders initially waived full-bodied support from his previous rival and at the same time announced that he would remain on the ballot papers in the remaining primaries in order to continue collecting delegate votes and thus at least still influence the content of the Democratic Party Congress in the Secure August. Now, however, Sanders fully supported Biden, who in turn promised him and his supporters a concession in terms of content – in the hope that Sanders’ supporters would also gather behind Biden as a presidential candidate. “Your support means a lot to me,” said 77-year-old Biden. “Thank you for being such a gentleman.”

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