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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsAfter terror in Hanau: Paving stones thrown locally

After terror in Hanau: Paving stones thrown locally

HANAU / DARMSTADT – Unknown people threw in the windows of a bar in Hanau with paving stones. The restaurant in the Kesselstadt district was a crime scene during the racist terrorist attack on February 19. Today the victim is commemorated there. The incident already took place on Easter weekend. The police have no information about the perpetrators and, according to their own statements, are investigating in all directions.

The Hanau member of parliament Saadet Sonmez (left) commented on the incident on Tuesday with the words: “Such acts are not trivial offenses, because they express that the perpetrators approve of the terrible terrorist attack of February 19.” The willingness to murder and terror in the right-wing scene cannot be taken seriously enough, she added. In Darmstadt, posters of the #saytheirnames initiative, which commemorates the victims of the attack, were also sprayed over, said the MP.

Perpetrators with racist views

A 43-year-old German, Tobias R., shot nine people with foreign roots in Hanau. He then killed his dependent mother and himself. Before the fact, the man had published pamphlets and videos with abstruse conspiracy theories and racist views on the Internet.

At the beginning of last week, unknown perpetrators also burned down two cars in Hanau-Kesselstadt. The vehicles belonged to Tobias R.’s father. Again, the police do not rule out a political background, as a spokesman said. According to the investigation, the fire was set on one of the two cars parked in a small alley and jumped from there to the other.

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Dilnaz Shaikh
Dilnaz Shaikh
News and Editorial staff member at The Eastern Herald. Studied journalism in Rajasthan. A climate change warrior publishing content on current affairs, politics, climate, weather, and the planet.

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