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The most important thing about the coronavirus

Spahn reckons with distance rules “over months”. The distance requirement and hygiene rules must be adhered to until there is a vaccine against the coronavirus, says the Minister of Health. He affirmed that the Federal Government would significantly upgrade the public health service in terms of personnel and technology. In Germany, the first easing of the corona measures comes into force today. More details

Austria gives holidaymakers hope. According to the Minister of Tourism, Elisabeth Kostinger, the restriction on freedom of travel will remain. At the same time, she promises that the borders could be opened for German holiday guests. From when and under what conditions, however, is unclear, write Peter Munch and Simone Boehringer.


Americans protest corona measures. Demonstrators in several states are calling for curfews to be relaxed. They fear drastic economic damage. They receive support from right-wing conservative organizations and from President Trump, who wants to use the topic for his election campaign. On the text by Hubert Wetzel

The Czech President wants to keep borders closed for a year. For fear of a new wave of infections, Miloš Zeman wants to prevent his citizens from traveling abroad. The tourism industry had previously asked to at least allow trips to Slovakia and Croatia. Overview of worldwide news

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What is important besides the coronavirus

Canada: At least 17 killed after killing near Halifax. A police officer is among the victims, the authorities say. The alleged perpetrator could be found by the police. He was killed in the process. For reporting

What becomes important

The EU and the UK are negotiating future relationships. It is the prelude to the first of three week-long negotiations by video conference in April, May and June. The talks are likely to be largely closed to the public. It is about the trade and partnership agreement for the period after the Brexit transition phase at the end of 2020.

Holocaust Memorial Day in Yad Vashem. Israel commemorates the murder of six million Jews by the Nazis. Speakers at the ceremony include President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Breakfast cereal

Maritime home cinema. The balcony view of the Bosphorus is more exciting than Netflix in the eventful Covid 19 times.

The ships sail up to the Black Sea and down to the Marmara Sea in their own timeless rhythm, in between the Bosphorus ferries scurry from one bank to the other. You are only disturbed by a pair of seagulls. SZ column “All the best” by Tomas Avenarius

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