Trump wants to open America again

The White House wants to move forward and encourage the 50 member states to reopen closed schools and businesses. However, President Donald Trump’s recommendations are not realistic in all respects.

Donald Trump is crabbing back. On Thursday, the President in the White House admitted that he did not have “total decision-making power” in the federal system of the United States, as he had said on Monday, and that he could not relax the nationwide emergency measures. Rather, his government can only make recommendations about the upcoming return to normalcy. In a telephone call on Thursday with the 50 governors of America, who had ordered various drastic measures in the past few weeks, Trump said according to the Washington Post: “You have the book in your hand.”

Later, when the President presented the updated government recommendations at his White House daily press conference, the American economy would not resume operating at one go. Instead, she would proceed “step by step” without rushing anything. Trump hinted that he was facing up to reality and acknowledged that the situation in the population centers on the east and west coasts sometimes differed dramatically from the situation in the less densely populated interior of the country.

These metropolises are the real drivers of the American economy. This includes, for example, the New York metropolitan area. The gross domestic product of the New York state was around $ 1,731 billion in 2019, roughly the same as the economic output of all of Canada. In the east coast state, more than 12,100 people have died as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to New York City health officials, since the crisis began.

“People want to get back to work”

On the other hand, the President still seems to think that the population in the majority of the 50 member states can quickly return to normal and no longer have to worry about the coronavirus. At his press conference, he spoke of 29 member states in which “life” could “start again” in just a few days. Although he did not name any names, it can be assumed that he had in mind republican governed member states such as North Dakota (393 infected and 9 dead) or West Virginia (739 infected and 13 dead). Part of America is in “very, very good shape,” said Trump. And: “People want to get back to work.”

Specifically, they see new government recommendations a three-step approach. First, the number of confirmed new infections must decrease over 14 days. If this is the case, the emergency measures can be relaxed regionally. However, the health experts who work with the White House still advise caution and that older and health-impaired people stay at home.

In a second step, groups of up to 50 people would be allowed again and trips in which the borders between individual member states would also be exceeded would be appropriate. It is also possible to reopen large offices, schools, cinemas or sports stadiums, albeit with certain restrictions.

If there is no sudden increase in the number of coronavirus infections, the third phase follows – the return to normal. Even a visit to a hospital or nursing home should then be possible again. However, Anthony Fauci, the president’s best-known health advisor, warned of excessive expectations. Setbacks are possible. The new normal will look different from the old, said the immunologist.

One problem remains

Experts said in initial reactions that the White House recommendations sounded reasonable and were similar to the ideas that the governors were rolling out.

However, the federal government has still not been able to solve the biggest problem America is facing: there are still not enough coronavirus tests available. Washington wants to assist the member states with advice and deed, but Trump said that the development of the relevant infrastructure is the responsibility of the 50 governors.

According to official numbers, so far are in America 3.4 million coronavirus tests Have been carried out; 2.7 million were negative. The largest economy in the world has around 330 million inhabitants. New York governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, said: “We have to come up with something.” The member states cannot simply build such an infrastructure on their own. Cuomo, therefore, said on Thursday that the coercive measures in New York would remain in effect until May 15.

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Synthia Rozario
An editorial staff member at The Eastern Herald. Formerly, correspondent of The Eastern Express, Hong Kong.