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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
NewsAbroad declares Germany to be the Corona model

Abroad declares Germany to be the Corona model

For a long time, there was concern in the Federal Republic that its own health system would not be able to protect the population in the Corona crisis. Foreign attention was needed until the Germans realized that their own country and its often scolded health care system are doing reasonably well in the crisis. An attempt to explain.

NZZ Corona podcast: Abroad declares Germany a role

modelDavid Vogel, Benedikt Hofer

In this podcast episode:

First, it was the “New York Times” that reported, then the US television station CNBC and finally French media. Why is Germany’s mortality rate so low? A country ranking by the London think tank Deep Knowledge Group (DKG) lists the Federal Republic as currently the safest and most stable country in Europe. Among other things, the equipment of the hospitals, the number of corona tests and the functioning of crisis teams were examined.

In the ninth episode of the NZZ Corona podcast, David Vogel talks to Anja Stehle from the NZZ Berlin office: about German self-criticism, half a million hospital beds and other reasons why the country became a model for Corona.

All episodes of the Corona podcast can be found in this overview.

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Synthia Rozario
Synthia Rozario
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