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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

USA – Simply because you vote

US President Donald Trump politicizes the virus so that citizens don’t blame him for the misery. And so he blames everything – on China, the Democrats, the immigrants.

It is currently practically impossible to legally immigrate to the United States. The limits are too. So why then does Donald Trump announce that he wants to suspend legal immigration by decree? Quite simply: Voting takes place in November. And because the president is failing to fight the virus, he has to do something his constituents like.

Trump knows that he will only survive the Corona crisis as president if he politicizes it. The virus kills people and destroys the economy. But Trump has to find a way so that citizens don’t blame him for the misery. That is why he blames everything on others – on China, on the Democrats, on the governors. That’s why he incites the protests against the curfews. And that’s why he links disputes that divide the country into his opponents and his supporters with the virus.

This includes the topic of immigration. This is perfidious because the United States needs immigrants to make it through the crisis; You can see that from the fact that harvest helpers, for example, could be exempted from the entry ban. But Trump is only interested in the ideological impact of his decree anyway. And that is foreseeable: left-wing America will howl angrily, right-wing America will cheer. The louder the better for Trump.

Qamar Munawer
Qamar Munawer
Editor Culture and Religion at The Eastern Herald. Studied Bachelor in Architect in Chandigarh, India. Collecting and writing newsworthy stories from around the world. I love to praise nature.

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