When the Presidents of Ukraine, France and Russia and the Chancellor in Paris tried to give new impetus to the slowdown in the peace process in eastern Ukraine on December 9, they actually wanted to meet again in April. But not only the Corona crisis prevented this, but real progress is also missing. The only tangible result is the exchange actions of Ukrainian and Russian prisoners, the last so far on April 16: The “People’s Republics” controlled by Moscow in Donetsk and Lugansk exchanged 20 captured Ukrainians for 16 Russian intelligence officers and separatists.

But the position war continues along the 427 km front. On Tuesday alone, the OSCE counted nearly 700 ceasefire violations, including 190 explosions.

Representatives of Kiev, Moscow, the “People’s Republics” and the OSCE negotiate weekly via video link: However, there is no progress in withdrawing Russian soldiers from eastern Ukraine, in returning border control between eastern Ukraine and Russia to Ukrainian border guards and tax collectors, or in the issue of freer issues Elections in the “People’s Republics”. Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas wants to advise his colleagues from Kiev, Paris and Moscow next week.

In Kiev, President Volodimir Selenskij said optimistically on a TV show: “I am convinced that we will end this war in my term.” His ex-security advisor Olexander Daniljuk is more pessimistic.

In the “Crimean Reality” specialist service, Daniljuk refers to around 30,000 Russian soldiers stationed in the occupied Crimea and to Moscow’s aggressive action against Ukrainian ports. The Kremlin continues to aim to install a Russian-friendly government under its control in Kiev.

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