Why can't we concentrate on the value system?

By definition, the value system refers to a hierarchy of values that human beings possess, demonstrated by their choices. Though most people’s value systems differ, the imposition of a singular value system creates a source of constant social warfare. Starting from honesty, empathy to a list of values, we, as human beings, bespeak the responsibility of instilling ourselves with the common ones.

Let’s talk about South Asia. Just 46% of young people in South Asia will leave skills with the basic skills they need, by 2030. It would be incorrect if we think that it’s solely because of the education system. Rather, it’s because of the combined recklessness by the authority, lack of innovation, and inadequate measures to situate the existence of the value system. How does it all round up to reach that reason? Adaptability – that’s the one value gone astray from the ones in sway.


That’s just a tiny bite of the entire cake. Where a country like India saw 1500 acid attacks in five years, why aren’t self-defence schemes taught in schools? Why isn’t social media literacy an indispensable element which people should be equipped with? Let’s admit it, the way some of us come across memes that troll ‘desi’ or ‘brown’ culture acts as a form of entertainment to many, but why is it that these particular systems are made fun of? You know the answer. The so-called senior citizens included in this brown culture can turn tables around to protect their century-old customs, but can’t be good leaders when we need them to speak against the wrong. The father who’s serious with his way of civilization that he can do anything to ensure his daughter gets married to a ‘proper’ man but doesn’t emphasize half of that on his daughter’s education.

The teacher who’s teaching for decades can construct massive tuition centres because she believes she’s capable of educating generations, but she can’t take the responsibility to ensure the fact that none of her students will ever be involved in any sort of cybercrime. Of course, one can’t blindly vouch on the fact that it’s possible to control everyone at once, but is the role of a teacher bound within a classroom? Is the role of a father just raising up his children to get them a good job and life partner? Is the role of a nation limited to generating economic growth? Why is it that a rape victim suffers from more social incursion instead of the criminal?

The first step of working with the value system begins at home. The so-called parents who can brag proudly to their neighbours about their son’s academic achievements also bear the responsibility to teach their son about certain values – honesty, empathy, teamwork, and the list goes on. 

The education systems should expand their role beyond just completing traditional syllabuses to make them pass. The exams should not be a priority, but to turn generations one after another to decent and creative human beings should become a priority. The motivational speakers, celebrities, and policymakers should make optimistic content to enrich the ideology of the value system, to ensure that the ones whose actions are strictly against it are not very welcome in the society. If the education system was enough to create a net positive impact on the society, the accumulation of all the high literacy rates globally would have been able to put an end to crimes. The leaders bragging about ‘innovation’ in summits should empower his/her employees for bringing in powerful values within the organization. 

Without the value system being enriched, we will not be proper human beings. If taking birth and growing economically & independently was the only goal in life, then we would have been robots. Let me end with one of my favourite quotes a senior of mine once told me, “Situation doesn’t take place because of culture, culture takes place because of the situation” – meaning that we don’t face situations where there aren’t enough values because it’s the culture that’s been happening for a while. Instead, if we don’t change it immediately for at least that situation, it’s going to be the culture for someone else.

Let’s concentrate on the value system, shall we?

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