Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev instructed to launch economic recovery program

“Firstly, all countries are revising their economic strategies. The priority will be self-sufficiency, calculation on own resources, reliability of production and financial chains. Secondly, new industry priorities will be formed. Inefficient sectors will simply disappear. But others will turn out to be leaders, will drive the economy and give people jobs. Thirdly, all large-scale crises are associated with a cyclical change in the technological and economic world order. And now the old model is being demolished, ”Nazarbayev said.

He emphasized that Kazakhstan has all the necessary resources in order to overcome global challenges.

“In previous years, we have been working hard to reduce our dependence on raw materials. Therefore, all major development programs were developed – industrialization, small and medium-sized businesses, infrastructure, agriculture, social programs. Large resources were allocated to them. We have accumulated a significant amount of funds in the National Fund. He is now saving the country during the crisis, and not the first time. But it is not unlimited, it is necessary to use it sparingly and in extreme cases, ”Nazarbayev said.

The President of the Security Council noted the importance of adopting innovative approaches to socio-economic development.

“First of all, a set of anti-crisis measures should be implemented. Every tenge needs to be monitored so that all support quickly reaches the business and the public.

Already now it is necessary to launch a program for economic recovery and post-crisis development. To determine the directions for our basic industries, the economy of the future, the development of cities and villages, the social sphere, the financial system, ”said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

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