Erdogan's message on 58th anniversary of the Constitutional Court

According to the statement made by the Presidency of Communications, Erdogan issued a message on the 58th anniversary of the Constitutional Court.

In his message, President Erdogan celebrated the founding anniversary of the Constitutional Court, one of the most important and well-established institutions of the legal system.

Erdogan said in his message:

“The democracy in our country, the rule of law, the best of the fundamental rights and freedoms with the principle of equality, the fairest way of implementing security Constitutional Court, the protection of Turkey’s democratic state of law qualification and our highest judicial body have vital importance for strengthening our democracy. Prior to 2023 our goals, I believe, that the Constitutional Court will act with a mission that broadens the horizons of our country and our nation.”


I wish success to all the members of the Constitutional Court on the occasion of the founding anniversary and greet them with my heartfelt feelings. “


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