Now, in order to apply for a Russian passport, it will not be necessary to renounce the citizenship of another country or to document it

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, April 24, signed a law simplifying the acquisition of Russian citizenship. The document is posted on the official portal of legal information.

According to the new law, foreigners will be able to apply for a Russian passport without having to renounce the citizenship of another country or to document it. Obtaining citizenship in a simplified manner will be able to graduates of Russian universities with state accreditation, who worked for a year on the territory of our country after graduating from an educational institution. Previously, this period was three years.


Also, holders of Soviet passports who live in the former Soviet republics without citizenship are no longer required to live 3 years in the territory of the Russian Federation to obtain a Russian passport and confirm the existence of a legal source of income. A similar condition applies to foreigners married to Russians and living in Russia with their children in common, and foreigners with at least one of their parents living in Russia and having Russian citizenship.

Finally, residents of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova who have a residence permit in the Russian Federation can now become citizens of Russia in a simplified manner without observing the requirements for the required period of residence in the country.

It is noted that the law will not enter into force immediately, but only 90 days after official publication.

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