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Monday, September, 26, 2022

Egypt : South Sinai Directorate denies converting “Central Abu Rais” to a quarantine

Dr Ayman Rakha, Director General of the South Sinai Directorate of Health and Population denied the rumours that the Central Hospital of Abuordis in South Sinai had transferred a quarantine to cases infected with the emerging coronavirus.

He explained that quarantine means the evacuation of all hospital departments from the patients and the imposition of guarding them, and this is not what happens, as the work proceeds regularly to receive all cases of sick patients

She must daily to receive the necessary treatment and provide them with the necessary medical care.

He emphasized that once it was confirmed that three members of the medical team at the Abuorthis Central Hospital were infected with the emerging coronavirus, a necessary step had been taken towards referring cases to the isolation hospital to receive treatment and provide the necessary medical care

To them, while taking all preventive and precautionary measures towards spraying and disinfection of all hospital internal departments.

Rakha clarified that all those involved in the cases found to have been affected were imposed, imposing self-isolation in the place of residence, and conducting rapid detector surveys with them taking smears of the cases in contact with those suspected of being infected.

Rakha stressed the importance of being careful and cautious towards avoiding crowded gatherings and places and following the rules of preventive and precautionary measures to limit the spread of the virus and the transmission of infection.

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Dilnaz Shaikh
Dilnaz Shaikh
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