Due to the month-long lockdown to the protection of the Corona Virus within the nation, the production of green tea is lower day by day. On the other hand, the small tea growers of Assam also faced big financial curses because they are unable to collect the green leave at the proper time.

Though the Government lately ordered to open a selected number of tea production units with using 50% of manpower a major multinational Tea production units deny to collect the green leaves from the small tea growers of the state. Because the majority of tea production units have their own green leaf garden and it uses their self green leaves. On the other hand, the month of April is the pick time to collect a new season of green tea. Naturally, the majority of the small tea growers faced a great loss financially.

One of the reputed small tea growers of Assam and also a present active member of small tea growers association Mr Achuyat Prasad Gogoi of Jorhat, Assam told the media that every year total 50% of the green leaves supplied by the small tea growers of Assam to maintain the nation wise total year production of final black tea. But this year due to long time lockdown there would be a great effect of black tea production and also a long time financial effect also bears by the rural small tea growers of all over the state.

The active member of small tea growers association Mr Achuyat Prasad Gogoi also told the Eastern Herald that “ There are nearly 1 lakh, small tea growers, in Assam out of total 2 lakh 50 thousand small tea growers of the all over the nation and the small growers of Assam naturally lost approximately 400 cores in the running month which is the 15% of the total yearly production of the green leaves. “

In conclusion, it seems to be noticed that a large number of small tea growers of Assam faced some financial disorder if the lockdown restriction continued for a long duration.

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