US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has announced the suspension of a number of overseas projects to build a wall on the border with Mexico. This was reported by information and analytical agency Bloomberg.

Among those subject to “freezing” are several construction projects in Norway, Germany, Spain and other European countries. They are part of the “European initiative to contain” the growing influence in the Old World of Russia and the “counteraction to Russian aggression.” The total cost of these projects is $ 545 million.

In addition, the suspended projects include the maintenance of the American Guantanamo prison in Cuba. As explained by the Pentagon spokesman Chris Sherwood, these projects were not cancelled but were only postponed indefinitely.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that he was going to ask Congress to allocate an additional $ 8.6 billion for the construction of the wall in the fiscal year 2020. This amount is almost six times the amount that legislators agreed to allocate annually for the wall project.

The wall was one of Trump’s campaign promises. As stated by the American leader, it is needed to combat illegal migration and drug trafficking. It is assumed that the length of the barrage facilities will be 1,162 kilometres, and the construction cost is $ 18 billion. So far, 179 kilometres have been built.

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