55-year-old British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who recently had a coronavirus, became a father for the sixth time. His bride, 32-year-old Carrie Symonds, gave her chosen one a son. On Wednesday, April 29, Western media reported.

“The boy is healthy. Mother and baby are doing well. The Prime Minister and Miss Symonds would like to thank the excellent specialists of the maternity ward of the hospital of the national health system, ”a representative of the office of the head of the British government told reporters.

Previously, Symonds, who by this time was already in the final stages of pregnancy, told the press that she had become infected with the coronavirus, just like Johnson. However, unlike the common-law spouse, who had to spend some time in the hospital, including in intensive care, Carrie suffered the disease easier and faster.


Earlier, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation issued a warning that infection with COVID-19 carries an increased risk for pregnant women. Both the infection itself and the toxic effects on the embryo of drugs are fraught with a high risk of perinatal complications, doctors explained. Also, when a pregnant woman is infected with coronavirus, according to doctors’ estimates, premature birth is possible in 39% of cases.

Boris Johnson already has five children from two women. Four offspring of politics gave birth to an ex-wife, Marina Wheeler, and another daughter – art critic Helen McIntyre, with whom the future prime minister had an affair in the late 2010s.

Wheeler Johnson divorced in 2018, after which he began to live in civil marriage with a new darling – Carrie Symonds. The couple has not yet officially registered their marriage.


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