Russian authorities should not open the way to Europe for fellow citizens. This opinion was expressed by the leader of the LDPR party Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

“We should not release our people to Europe in any case,” Zhirinovsky wrote in his Telegram channel.

The leader of the liberal democrats wondered how people on vacation will maintain social distance, visit cafes and restaurants, and also move around the country.


“Yes, and Northern Europe does not want South to start the tourist season. So stop, calm down. This is not a European approach to business, but the approach of grabbers. There is an excellent Russian proverb on this score: “Frayer’s greed has destroyed.” This greed will negate all the achievements of Europe in the fight against coronavirus, ”the politician added.

Earlier, Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko appealed to the Russians not to plan trips abroad for the current year.

“One year is not a tragedy, is it?” For this year, you don’t need to plan any foreign trips, because not only Russia but also other states will not soon fully remove the restrictions, open the possibility of the arrival of foreigners, ”Matvienko said.

She called on fellow citizens to “not relax,” to be disciplined and not to jeopardize themselves and others. “We must tolerate, this time will pass, and it will be forgotten. But you can’t take risks, ”said the chairman of the upper house of parliament.

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