A preliminary spectral and topographic analysis of the crater temporarily called “El Bahr”, showed signs characteristic of impact craters, and scientists suggest that “El Bahr” was formed due to the collision of the planet with an asteroid.

But since it is absolutely impossible to assert this solely on the basis of satellite imagery, researchers from the Center for Planetary Sciences, together with the University of Cairo, are already organizing an expedition that will have to examine the crater on the spot and establish its exact origin.

It is possible that during the expedition it will also be possible to detect pieces of an asteroid or at least traces of minerals characteristic of meteorite craters. At least, such a result in 2010 was given by a survey of another, much smaller in diameter Egyptian crater – “Camil”.

Then the scientists managed to extract from the 45-meter funnel more than 800 kilograms of fragments of an iron meteorite, the diameter of which was supposedly 1.3 meters.

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