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Foreign Ministry strongly condemns decision of the German Govt to consider Hezbollah as “terrorist organization”

Foreign Ministry strongly condemns decision of the German Govt to consider Hezbollah as

The Foreign Ministry condemned in the strongest terms the German government’s decision to consider Hezbollah a terrorist organization, considering that this decision clearly reflects its acquiescence to world Zionism and American policy.

“The Syrian Arab Republic condemns in the strongest terms the decision of the German government to consider Hezbollah as a terrorist organization,” an official source at the Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted on the ministry’s page.

The source added that “this decision of the German government clearly embodies its acquiescence to the dictates of global Zionism and its humiliating dependence on American policies in support of the usurping occupation, which clearly expresses Germany’s continued loss of sovereignty and independence in its internal and external policy imposed on it since the end of World War II.”

The source concluded that Syria, as it reiterates the leadership role of Hezbollah as one of the most prominent resistance movements against the occupation, sees in this unfair decision the German government a medal of honor for the party and a clear recognition of its role in resisting Zionist settlement aggression and aborting Western projects targeting the rights and supreme interests of the Arab nation.

On Thursday, Germany designated the Lebanese “Hezbollah” a “terrorist organization””, and banned its activities in the country. The police also launched a campaign of security raids in mosques and organizations in several regions, believed to have links to the party.

The German parliament recently approved a proposal urging the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel to ban all Hezbollah activities on German soil.

The British Treasury has previously listed “Hezbollah” as a terrorist organization, and the United States has classified the party as “terrorist” and put it on the blacklist of terrorism since 1997.

The party is accused of military interference in the affairs of Arab countries, especially in Syria and Yemen, with support from Iran.

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