President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy prepared a statement on the Odessa tragedy, which was published by his press service.

“Odessa is a city of open and sincere people, unique colour and special” Odessa “optimism. Odessa is a synonym for good, warmth and sun. But, unfortunately, on May 2, 2014, a tragic, bloody page was written into the history of this beautiful city.

Today is the sixth anniversary of the death of people during mass rallies in Odessa. I express my sincere condolences to the families of all the victims. That rainy day took nearly fifty human lives. This is a difficult episode of our new history, but we must remember it if we want to build a modern and strong Ukraine. Because only a strong country speaks frankly not only about its achievements but also about its own tragedy. Today in our society there are a number of painful questions requiring honest answers. “Who is to blame for the tragedy of May 2, 2014?” – one of them.


I am convinced that the state should do everything to ensure an effective and impartial investigation of all the circumstances of a terrible day. Each of us must do everything so that such things never happen again.

And our common challenge is to do everything together so that people in Ukraine never perish for ideological or political “goals.” That Ukraine was not a land of contention, but fraternity. Where are Lviv, Odessa, Dnieper, Donetsk and Simferopol – a peaceful, flourishing and united country? ”

For 6 years of investigation, three anti-Maidan activists received a sentence, six proceedings are ongoing, and thirteen people are wanted. Meanwhile, the UN called on Ukraine to investigate and punish those responsible for the tragedy in Odessa on May 2.

Note, last year Zelenskyyy, having won the election, ignored the 5th anniversary of the Odessa tragedy, which caused public outrage.

Recall that during the riots in Odessa on May 2, 2014, 48 people died. More than 200 people sought medical help. Most of the victims of the tragedy died in the House of Trade Unions. Later, the investigation established that the riots in Odessa were organized and deliberately planned. The investigation of the events in Odessa was entrusted to the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, but the Ukrainian authorities have not been able to find the perpetrators of the tragedy over the past time.

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