Madagascar is preparing to export herbal tincture, which is supposedly an effective tool in the fight against coronavirus, and there are already buyers for it, BBC reports.

Testing of tincture based on wormwood lasted less than three weeks, 20 people participated in it, the head of the Tanzanian Presidential Administration Lova Hasinirina Ronoromaro told reporters. After that, the product, called Covid-Organics, was launched for sale.

The World Health Organization recalled that a drug whose effectiveness would be confirmed by scientific research does not yet exist. And she recommended not to self-medicate a new coronavirus infection.


Nevertheless, a number of African countries are ready to buy Covid-Organics. On Saturday, May 2, Madagascar delivered the goods to Guinea-Bissau. Special boards for tincture will be sent by Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of Congo.

In Africa, the COVID-19 epidemic started a little later, now the disease on the continent is gaining momentum.

Wormwood is used in the treatment of malaria, and reports that antimalarial drugs may be effective against coronavirus have appeared before.


Thus, US President Donald Trump praised the drug chloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19, but its effectiveness has not been proven. In this case, the drug can cause serious complications in people with cardiovascular diseases, up to fatal.

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