Two properties owned by Ilon Mask are for sale on the Zillow website. The BBC writes about this, reports The Eastern Herald

It is reported that the value of the real estate is 9.5 and 30 million dollars. Both mansions are located within the borders of Los Angeles. The cheaper house used to belong to Hollywood legend Gene Wilder. Musk acquired it in 2013.

The second mansion is located on a private hill overlooking Bel Air Country Club, the city itself and the ocean beyond.


The head of SpaceX and Tesla, allegedly himself, is engaged in sales without the participation of realtors. According to the BBC, realtors “do not understand what is happening.” In all likelihood, the site could be hacked by hackers.

Musk announced his intention to dispose of all of his property on May 1. Then he wrote that, in his opinion, Tesla shares are too expensive. This statement was followed by a decline in stock prices.

The day before it became known that Elon Musk became a father for the sixth time.

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