The French French National Brewers Association said producers would have to get rid of 10 million litres of beer, which is equivalent in volume to the four Olympic-sized pools, due to the expiration date, reports The Local.

Most of the spoiled beer is craft beer, which is often unpasteurized, unlike traditional light camps, and deteriorates faster.

“This is a very hop beer, and if stored for too long, more than two to three months, the taste effects, aroma disappear,” said the head of the brewery association.


Producers were not able to sell beer due to the closure of cafes and restaurants, a sharp stop to tourism and the cancellation of festivals and exhibitions due to quarantine restrictions.

The data was compiled on the basis of information from more than 300 members of the association, which represent 98 percent of beer production in France.

Previously, scientists discovered the oldest beer in Europe. The brewery was built in the fourth millennium BC.

Also, the World Health Organization reported that alcohol increases the likelihood of becoming infected with COVID-19. Alcohol consumption is associated with a number of infectious and non-communicable diseases that can make a person more vulnerable.

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