Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

An Israeli army spokesman said: At this hour, Israeli forces are launching a campaign of arrests in the village from which the stones were thrown, which led to the killing of an Israeli soldier.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the killing of the soldier in Jenin. He said that As has happened in all cases in recent years, the hand of Israel will reach the hole and catch the responsible.

The Israeli army is conducting search and combing activities in Jenin to arrest the bomber, who threw a stone at their heads at night.

Israeli Channel 7 reported that the Mansheya regional brigade soldiers were conducting extensive search and arrest operations in the houses surrounding the place where the soldier, Sergeant First Ben Yigal, was killed in the town of Ya’bad in Jenin.

On Tuesday morning, an Israeli army spokesman announced that an Israeli soldier was killed while storming the village of Ya’bad, Jenin.

The spokesman said that the Golani Reconnaissance Battalion soldier, Ben Yigal, 21, was killed after a stone was thrown at his head during the army’s storming and carrying out of arrests in the village of Ya’bad, northwest of Jenin.

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