Ganja seized in Assam

Biswanath District Police arrested the Ganja(marijuana) smuggler in the outskirts of Bargang city in Assam. Ganja selling is illegal in India. Still, the sale and use of marijuana are trending in India among youth.

During the COVID lockdown, the demand of Ganja and other drugs is on the rise. The availability of Ganja or hump is very rare in the lockdown.

Accused was carrying Ganja(Marijuana) worth Rs.25’000 with him. Hump was seized by Borgang police today very early in the morning. The police took the operation with confidential information. According to the police source, the value of the illegal ” Ganja” was about 25 thousand rupees.

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Nirmalendu Pathak
A special correspondent to The Eastern Herald in Assam. A writer/journalist/reporter, M.Sc(Physics), Computer.