The most important factor that strengthens the economy is the banking system. Along with the police and doctors, bank employees have to show the same readiness in essential services. We have taken all the bank employees into consideration, but they are facing a lot of difficulties. Banks like hospitals and other units are also becoming crowded places.

Handling crowds is not so easy for banks. Some employees come from far away and show readiness for service. Even when transport facilities are not available to that extent, bank employees are working at the risk of their lives. The growing crowd of customers could invite COVID- 19 to a large extent.

Can banks shirk their responsibilities?

Not at all. The economy cannot function without the banking system. Essential financial assistance from the government is delivered to the people through banks. Banks have to continue cash transactions in Corona like conditions. It is necessary to make cash available in the ATM from time to time. Along with digital banking, there is also a need to increase financial literacy. Banking staff are aware of this while fighting with COVID- 19. Bank employees cannot work from home.

Even if it is possible to some extent, the employees have to go to the office and work. It is the duty of the bank staff to provide immediate service to the customer in case of any crisis. Corona is no exception. On the contrary, the responsibility of bank employees has increased.

Everyone is coping with the Corona crisis. The government is trying it’s best. The banking service needs to be more co-operative. People should go to the bank only if they need to, otherwise, they should use digital banking.


Avoiding crowds is the only solution. People in the banking sector are working hard. They also have a family. They also want to take care of their health. Bank employees who act as a financial link for us cannot be ignored.

They need to be treated with respect. Everyone is a warrior in their own field. Bank employees are the warriors of the economy. ‘ Overwhelming force’ should not go in favor of COVID-19. Even if you feel temporary numbness, we will win this battle. For this, the bank employees should be given due attention.

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