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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
BusinessIran: Shahram Jazayeri, an Iranian billionaire, or a shadow?

Iran: Shahram Jazayeri, an Iranian billionaire, or a shadow?

Shahram Jazayeri owns big corporates in Iran, Africa, Canada, and the Middle East. He is recognized as a political figure in Iran.

TEH (Exclusive): A Self-made businessman, an Iranian entrepreneur, and an economic activist from Ahvaz, who owns big corporates worldwide.

At 27, he was the most controversial person in Iran.

Humble Beginning of Shahram Jazayeri

Shahram was born on September 11, 1972, in Tehran, the capital city of Iran in an educated family. He liked to pose as an independent personality during his childhood too. When he was five years old, he was active in many childhood activities. He studied doctorate(Ph.D.) in dentistry at Kerman University of Medical Sciences.

His talent in business made him establish more than fifty large-scale economic corporations starting from semi-macroeconomic activities in the field of packaging and export of dates, garlic, and dry fruits to Central Asia and Turkey .

Different businesses, including the production of Aluminum Industries, Power Plant companies, and the construction of a highway, created the most significant partnerships. He established many big companies in not only Iran but other parts of the world too.

Shahram invested in a couple of exhibitions to sell goods manufactured by his companies. During the exhibition, he managed to find partners in Africa to market his mechanical-equipments on the African continent. He owns the largest manufacturing company, and his net worth was revealed by the court during a trial where he was arrested in 2001. The court declared his net worth to be 1.5 billion dollars in the year of 2005.

Shahram Jazayeri attending a business event in Iran
Shahram Jazayeri

Shahram Jazayeri aggressively invested in dominant and key sectors like Energy, Electricity production, Aluminum, Petrochemicals, Steel, etc. to name a few.

Our sources revealed that Shahram Jazayeri owns a shell company in Dubai, UAE too.

Involvement in Scientific and Economic activities in Iran

The largest private software production company(DPFE), Shahab Mobin, and DPFE are owned by Shahram. The DPFE is a major player in the implementation of large knowledge-based projects. Shahram invested heavily in many private sector companies. His ownership includes Ilya Golden Village, the largest data center in Iran as well.

Ilya Golden Village is considered to be one of the most influential corporations in Iran. Ilya Golden left Siemens behind in the competition of remote management of power plant data.

Later, its students and faculty met some of their demands and built the largest private-sector network designed and implemented in Iran.

At the same time, he was appointed as a technical advisor to the Economic Commission by the Islamic Consultative Assembly where he was considered a top consultant.

In Parliament, which includes 260 deputies (290 in total), Shahram is the youngest, and among the country’s strongest economic and political figures.

Personal Life of Shahram Jazayeri

Shahram Jazayeri got married in the late 90s. He has three children: Iliya, Arshia, and Arnika, and a sister Shahrzad. His parents, father Mohammad Mansour, and mother Shahin, live in Canada.

He is very dependent on his children as his online social activities indicate.

Looks tell more

Shahram Jazayeri holds a degree in dentistry and an honorary doctorate in Quantum Economics as he himself claims.

But he always argues that those are only paper and that he never believes them. He is active on his Instagram and shares new stories there.

and told more stories about his life and shows new ways for the young generation to earn like him and become a successful businessmen.

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Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
An Ahmadi Muslim from India, a senior journalist and Editor-in-chief of The Eastern Herald. Follow him on Twitter @MANooriBajwa

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