Indian fitness athlete and nutritionist Pooja Sharma, the former Miss South India and Miss Bengaluru Fitness, who has recently made her television debut with “MTV Roadies Real Heroes”, talked about the current trends and problems in the Indian fitness industry in an exclusive interview with The Eastern Herald.

The Indian fitness market, worth around $2.6 billion, has already suffered a severe setback due to prolonged nationwide lockdown, with gym owners suffering a significant financial loss. Pooja felt that while the gym industry has got affected due to the unprecedented nationwide closure, during, and after the Covid-19 crisis, people will better understand the importance of physical fitness and healthy living. This will bring a massive boom in the health and fitness industry. “Actually, I have noticed that in my own company, that people are getting more health-conscious nowadays”, said Pooja.

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Covid-19 has also disrupted the e-commerce business, which was essential for the regular delivery of food supplements for fitness athletes. Pooja said that at the beginning it was a real shock but fitness is about being fit in whatever is available. “I am always a believer in doing workouts anywhere and eating Ghar ka khana and now people actually have time to introduce fitness in life and make it a habit.

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Many of us looked forward to the days where we can be at home and now we can use this lockdown period for our self-development”. It is regular exercise, she felt, that can strengthen our immune system and help us to fight against all diseases. That is possible even in isolation.

In her interview with The Eastern Herald, Pooja dispels the myth that fitness is all about hitting gyms five days a week. “You can work out anywhere and anytime as long as you want. Work on something that you love, you will find an easy way to fitness”, said the Bengaluru based fitness athlete and trainer.

“As I deal with a lot of people on an everyday basis, what I have noticed is that, during this lockdown period, people end up having a lot of either stress or boredom eating, since they are home all the time!”

laughed Pooja.

Currently, she is helping out people with a home-based workout program and home-cooked meal plan through his company “” and also organizing live Q&A sessions to help her fans.

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