Several Dutch political parties confirmed today, Sunday, their condemnation and rejection of the Israeli government’s plan to annex Palestinian land.

According to the official Wafa Agency, the Dutch parties have responded to the messages sent by the Palestinian mission in the Netherlands to representatives and members of the various political parties in the Dutch parliament about the dangerous plans of the Israeli government to annex the occupied Palestinian territory that the annexation schemes violate international law and decisions Relevant United Nations.


She made clear that the Israeli government’s annexation of Palestinian land would end the chances of achieving peace and reaching a two-state solution, and thus would undermine the positions and efforts of the international community and the European Union committed to achieving a two-state solution.

She stressed the need to act quickly. To prevent these steps and illegal actions from being taken, and for the international community to play an active and influential role in order to push the parties concerned towards a peace agreement that is conducive to achieving a two-state solution.

These moves come, amid a wave of mobility and discussions, taking place within the European Union, to discuss the measures and steps that the countries of the Union can take in order to confront the illegal Israeli plans and steps to annex Palestinian land.