Felicia Kabuga, a Rwandan genocide accused, appeared before a French prosecutor on Tuesday, three days after police raided his hideout on the outskirts of Paris after a 26-year pursuit.

Kabuga, 84, is accused of financing and arming the militias, which killed about 800,000 people in the massacres of Rwanda. He was charged in 1997 with seven crimes, including the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

Kabuga reached the compound of the Paris Court of Appeal amid tight security. A judicial source said that the interrogation began about three hours after his arrival.


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The Prosecutor will determine the following judicial procedures before referring the case to the investigative judges, who will decide whether France extradites Kabuga to a United Nations court hearing crimes against humanity.

At least one organization that supports the victims of the genocide, headquartered in France, said it was considering taking legal action to uncover how Kabuga was able to hide in France and what assistance it had received.

Reuters has been unable to reach any public comment made by Kabuga over the years on the charges against him.

It is not known when or how Kabuga entered France. He is a Hutu businessman and five million dollars has been set aside for his guidance.

The French Ministry of Justice said that he lived with a false ID in the Asnieres-Sur-Seine on the outskirts of Paris.

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