The organizers of the ODESSA CLASSICS International Festival decided to postpone it to August 10-23 due to the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine restrictions introduced in our country. According to the event’s website, 90% of the program, as well as the venues of the concerts and their number were saved.

“Based on the announced plans of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to quarantine and restore air traffic, we believe that the optimal time for holding the ODESSA CLASSICS festival this year is August. And although at the moment there are no documents approved by the government by the end date quarantine in Ukraine, we understand that it is time to announce our plan for holding the festival on a new date from August 10 to 23. Spectators who have already bought tickets and subscriptions, as well as intending to attend the festival, should be ahead of time. Nat dates and program of the festival, of course, the festival will take place in strict compliance with the instructions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Ukrainian health Minesterstva to the health of our spectators and actors were not threatened, “- said the organizers.

They also noted that there were some changes in the program. Instead of the Jerusalem Quartet concert scheduled for June 9, there will be a concert by pianist Pietro de Maria (Italy) – the new date is August 11. Instead of a concert by the Brussels Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Michael Gutmann, scheduled for June 10, a solo concert will be held by pianist Sebastian Knauer (Germany) – a new date on August 19.


The festival will also include open-air with the participation of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra. The organizers hope to hold it on the Potemkin Stairs on August 22.

All tickets and subscriptions that were purchased earlier will be valid on new dates.

Earlier, the Chief Sanitary Doctor, Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko said that quarantine in Ukraine could be extended until June 22. He recalled that Ukraine will be guided by neighboring Poland in the issue of lifting and easing quarantine – the epidemic situation in both countries is similar.


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