State Bank of India’s Teok town branch of Jorhat district honored a number of Community Service Center(CSC) account holders who have given sincere services to the customers in the critical lockdown situation.

In this regard, a special facilitation program was held at the Teok SBI branch conference hall with maintaining all social distance bindings.

The welcome speech of the program was given by Mr. Gautam Hazra, Chief manager of the branch. The owners of the Community Service Center(CSC)’s were honored by the staff of the SBI Teok where Mr. Biman Neog, Sunia Bhuyan, Pradip Bora, Sanat Khonikor and Prajallika Sarmah were present.

It is important to be mentioned here that the Community Service Centers(CSC) are the financial organizations mainly accountable to serve the rural areas and play a tremendous role in the field.

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