Representatives of Ukraine, the USA, Great Britain, and Estonia ignored the meeting of the UN Security Council on Crimea, which was held on May 21. The meeting on the “Arria formula ” was initiated by Russia.

In consultations on the “Arria formula” not only diplomats, but also representatives of various public organizations and the public can participate. Such events are not directly related to Security Council meetings. In this particular meeting devoted to the situation in the Crimea, residents of the peninsula were to take part.

“We regret that our Ukrainian colleagues did not dare to participate in our“ Arria formula ”on May 21 … We were not only ready, but also wanted to provide them with a platform and a platform for dialogue with people living in Crimea. Representatives of Great Britain, the USA and Estonia did not honor our meeting with their presence. By doing so, they not only violated the established practice in the Security Council of holding such meetings, but also demonstrated disregard for the residents of Crimea, whose fate they allegedly are taking care of, ”the message on the website of the Russian Permanent Mission to the UN says .


The ministry noted that on March 6 this year, Arria was already passing through the Crimea: then the Russian side was denied the connection of Crimean residents by a video link.

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