Today, Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being tried on charges of corruption in several files (file 1000, 2000, 4000).

This is the first time in the history of Israel that a Prime Minister has appeared before a judicial body, while he has been in office, accused of criminal offenses.

The trial that Netanyahu will represent will be represented before a panel of three judges in the Jerusalem District Court.


Netanyahu faces three separate criminal cases, each with its own number.

The files that Netanyahu visited you for are:

The first file is file 1000

For many years, Netanyahu and his family received gifts from businessmen Arnon Melchin and James Baker, and the gifts were luxurious cigarette boxes and boxes of champagne, and gifts were provided continuously, in response to requests from the Netanyahu family, and their total cost is estimated at about seven hundred thousand.

Although he had to avoid dealing with matters related to the corrupt businessman, Netanyahu made contact with American entities, in order to give the Malchens a visa to enter the United States, and Netanyahu gave instructions to senior Israeli officials to exempt the taxpayers from paying these taxes. Actions Netanyahu is accused of fraud and dishonesty.

The second file is file 2000

In three meetings between Netanyahu and the publisher of the widely circulated Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Arnon Moses, there was talk about advancing the interests of both speakers. In order to boost Netanyahu’s popularity before the elections.

Moses also offered Netanyahu that the latter, for his part, impose restrictions on the distribution of the “Israel Hayom” newspaper, which is affiliated with Netanyahu, and the competition for Yedioth Ahronoth.

In this way, it was hoped that Yedioth Ahronoth would sell more newspapers, thus reaping substantial economic profits. Netanyahu, for his part, did not reject the bribe offered to him.

Even more than that, Netanyahu himself arranged a meeting with Moses, and left him with the impression that after the elections he would work to enact a law that restricts the scope of sales of the Israel Hayom newspaper, the accusative item assigned to Netanyahu is fraud and dishonesty.

The third file is file 4000

According to the indictment, contacts between Netanyahu and Shaul Alovich, head of an online news site, were characterized by give-and-take relations and the exchange of interests. Netanyahu and his family members were asking Alovic to publish on the website news reports according to Netanyahu’s will. Alovic then pressured the site manager to respond to Netanyahu’s requests.

As for Netanyahu, by virtue of his cabinet position, he made some changes in the field of communication, in order for these changes to generate big profits for a telecom company managed by Alofitz himself. The terms assigned to Netanyahu on this file are bribery, fraud, and dishonesty.

What will happen in the trial of Benjamin Netanyahu today?

The media will leave the courtroom before Netanyahu is put in the dock, which means that he will not be photographed while in the cage.

Only one lawyer from the Netanyahu defense team will be able to enter the courtroom.

Netanyahu’s defense staff will be allowed to replace lawyers during the hearing.

  • The prosecution is expected to request a trial several times a week, while defense attorneys will ask for months.

Defense attorneys: Some investigation materials did not reach us until recently.
Netanyahu’s lawyers are expected to request that his response to the charges be made in writing, within several weeks and even months.

Netanyahu is charged with three serious criminal offenses: bribes, fraud, and breach of the Secretariat.

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