Deputy Commissioner of Kokrajhar district Mr. Bhaskar Phukan distributed a good quantity of face masks yesterday on Kalipukhuri, Bhutiapara, Simbar Gaon, and Vote Gaon of Kokrajhar district following the guidelines given by the Governor of the state of Assam. Face masks were distributed to prevent the exposure of Coronavirus in the region.

The Deputy Commissioner of Kokrajhar Mr. B. Phukan also advised the people to use of masks and keep social distancing at any situation during the coronavirus outbreak.

During the Coronavirus awareness camp, Kokrajhar revenue circle officer Mr. Deepan Barman, District Public relation officer Mr. Tridib Nandan Bora, Police officer Binanda Basumatary along with a number of locally renowned people were also present.

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Nirmalendu Pathak
A special correspondent to The Eastern Herald in Assam. A writer/journalist/reporter, M.Sc(Physics), Computer.