The first hearing of the trial of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ended.

This is the first time in the history of the country that a ruling leader has appeared before a court. The investigation accuses him of two of his corruption charges. Before entering the courtroom, 70-year-old Netanyahu told reporters gathered outside that he was entering the courtroom with his head held high.

At the hearing, he told the judges that he had read the indictment and understood what they were accusing him of. Netanyahu wore a veil and refused to sit on a chair before leaving the journalists’ hall. He pleads not guilty .


The next session of the process will be held on July 19.

Netanyahu is charged with three chapters – “The 1000”, “The 2000” and the “4000” according to the case. In both cases, the Prime Minister is accused of abusing the public trust , and in the case of Case 4000, he is accused of abusing public trust and bribery .

The prosecution has more than 300 witnesses in the case. The number of witnesses in the defense is unknown. According to experts, the trial will last at least two years without a plea agreement, and then, in all likelihood, any of the parties will appeal the verdict.

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