One of the two survivors of a plane crash in the Pakistani city of Karachi yesterday said they only saw a fire after the plane crashed. Muhammad Zubair survived a minor injury, with a total of 99 onboard.

When the aircraft made another attempt at landing at 2:30 pm local time yesterday, it crashed shortly afterward. The commander had notified the air traffic controller of a technical failure and only seconds before the accident, he said both engines were inoperative.



Zubair has reported on the BBC ‘s website that it crashed for ten to fifteen minutes after the first landing attempt. No one would have realized that the machine was crashing where everything seemed fine.

When he returned to consciousness after the crash, he says he heard screams from all directions.

“Children and adults. The only thing I saw was a fire. I couldn’t see any people – I just heard the screams.”

He released his seat belt and saw the light he decided to follow. He then had to jump down from three meters to get out of the wreck.

The causes of the accident are unknown, but the CIA is now investigating the offender. The aircraft’s flight chart was found today and is under investigation. Only two are believed to have survived.

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