The issue of what became known as the “fleeing imam” in Egypt continues to interact after a video of him fleeing as he fled when a police patrol came while he was performing Eid prayers with a group of people despite the authorities’ decision to ban it because of the Coronavirus.

In a new development, Al-Azhar’s representative, Saleh Abbas, announced that the imam had been referred to the investigation as a student in Al-Azhar and that the incident occurred while he was wearing Al-Azhari dress.

The pioneers of social networking sites have circulated a video in which a person wearing an Azhary outfit appears on the morning of the day of Eid Al-Fitr, and he is running fast against the background sound of the police car in the city of Nabaruh, Dakahlia Governorate.


Abbas said in statements published by Egyptian newspapers on Monday, that the owner of the incident is a student in the preparatory grade and belonged to Al-Azhar.

He added that his referral to the investigation comes in violation of “state decisions and because he does not have permission to work as an imam, and he has done a wrong that is not appropriate for Al-Azhar.”

The Egyptian government announced expanding the ban hours on Eid al-Fitr, stopping public transportation completely, and closing markets, shops, and cafes, while confirming its efforts to open the country in the middle of next month “to coexist with the Coronavirus.””

The Ministry of Awqaf announced the transfer of Eid prayers on radio and television from the Sayyida Nafisa Mosque, “in the presence of about 20 worshipers working in the Waqf, and according to the rules of social separation and precautionary measures.”

The ministry indicated that the sanctions that the Prime Minister approved regarding rallies in front of or inside mosques and endowment decisions regarding penalties for violators will be applied.

Egyptian newspapers reported that the security authorities arrested the student for violating the decision to ban Eid prayers in mosques and squares to contain the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

The newspaper “Al-Shorouk” said that the student was arrested for violating the ban, and by questioning he pointed out that some of the boys in the vicinity of his residence requested that he lead them in the blessed Eid al-Fitr prayer in the same area of ​​his residence, and that, upon learning of the passage of a police car, he fled on the run for fear of being caught.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Endowments, Taha Ziada, had indicated in a statement to the newspaper “The Seventh Day”, that the incident was in an empty area, far from the mosques, and there is no relationship with the Ministry of Endowments with that incident.


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