US President Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw his country’s membership permanently from the World Health Organization and cut its funding unless the organization is committed within 30 days to making substantial substantive improvements, while the United Nations has pledged to conduct an independent investigation into the management of the Coronavirus crisis.

Trump published in his tweet the message that includes the threat to withdraw his country’s membership and addressed it to the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanum Gebresus, and in his letter renewed his accusation of failing and submitting to China over the spread of the Corona pandemic.

In the letter, the US President listed examples of what he considered to be the mistakes the organization committed to managing the Coronavirus crisis, especially its disregard for the initial reports of the virus’s emergence, its close proximity and its strong tolerance of China.

Trump said that, Obviously, repeated wrong steps by WHO, to respond to the pandemic, have cost the world greatly. The only way the WHO should take is to be able to prove its independence from China.

In mid-April, the Trump administration froze America’s financial contribution to the organization’s budget, accusing it of bias towards China and of covering up the seriousness of the Coronavirus and of mismanaging the crisis it caused.

Independent investigation

of his part, the Director-General of the World Health Organization pledged on Monday to launch an independent investigation into the global response and the Organization ‘s response to the spread of Coronavirus emerging, he said in response to Washington ‘s accusations that the Health Organization quickly warned of the dangers of the virus.

Gebrissos said that the organization’s Independent Oversight Advisory Committee published its first report on the pandemic, and the report contained several recommendations for the Secretariat and Member States.

The same official welcomed the decision of the WHO Assembly calling for a neutral and independent evaluation process to respond to the Corona crisis.

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