In a road accident held by the morning of 26th May at Biswanath Ghat of Bishanath district one person died on the spot and one more injured seriously.

According to the sources a speedy car, TATA TIGOR(AS-12 T-8022), was seen sinking in a water lake near the Biswanath, Arunachal National Highway. Due to the accident, the rider of the car died on the spot.

The deceased, Prokash Sarmah, was an employee of the Axis Bank Bishanath Chariali branch. In that accident, one person in the car was also seriously injured. The concerned police officials are investigating the subject and registered a case.

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Nirmalendu Pathak
A special correspondent to The Eastern Herald in Assam. A writer/journalist/reporter, M.Sc(Physics), Computer.