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Monday, September, 26, 2022

Republicans risk losing Senate due to Trump’s response to coronavirus

Today they have 53 seats out of a hundred.

Seven Republican political strategists not directly involved in the presidential campaign to re-elect Donald Trump told CNN that the US president’s reaction to the pandemic and the ensuing economic consequences have significantly damaged his campaign.

The damage to these consequences is already beginning to harm the Republicans, who are running for the Senate, where the Republicans still have the majority.

Some of the Republican political strategists told the channel that public polls showing that Trump is behind the alleged Democratic candidate Joe Biden reflect the figures in their own Senate campaign polls and so the party could lose a majority in the upper house of Congress.

Note that in the 100-seat Senate, Republicans have 53 seats, Democrats have 45 seats and two more seats are held by independent senators.

The next election, in which 35 new senators will be elected, will be held on the same day as the November 3 presidential election.

Before that, Politico magazine published data from a survey of hypothetical presidential elections in which the 44th and 45th American presidents would become candidates. Barack Obama, with whom Biden had vice presidents, would win this election with a difference of 11%.

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