Social networks should not censor people’s comments if they provide an opportunity for this, said Facebook founder and head Mark Zuckerberg in an interview with Fox News.

Thus, he criticized Twitter for the fact that the post of US President Donald Trump on the social network was marked with an unreliability icon.

“I think we have a different policy than Twitter. I’m sure that Facebook should not be an arbiter of the truth of everything that people say on the Web,” Zuckerberg said.

The founder of the social network also expressed the view that private companies should not take such actions if they provide people with a platform to express their views.

Trump accuses twitter of stifling freedom of speech and meddling in elections

Earlier on May 26, Twitter marked Trump’s email newsletter post as invalid. The head of the White House claimed that sending out presidential ballots by e-mail in the state of California would lead to hacking of boxes and fraud.

The social network placed under the tweet the label “Find out the facts about voting by mail”, clicking on which leads to the publication of American media about the incorrect statements of the president.

After that, Trump accused Twitter of interfering in the election of the head of state, saying that the social network refers to fake news from CNN, the Washington Post, and other media.

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