Supreme Court to hear the petition on June 2, in which the central government has demanded to be directed to Bharat or Hindustan place of India by amending the Constitution. “This will instill in us a sense of pride in our nationality, ” the petitioner said.

The petition seeks the Central Government to amend Article 1 of the Constitution. This article defines the name and location of the country. The petition states that the country should be renamed Bharat/Hindustan in this definition.


The petition was scheduled to be heard in the country’s Supreme Court on Friday. However, Chief Justice S.A. Bobra’s absence removed him from the trial list. The petition will now be heard before a CGI-led bench on June 2, according to the Supreme Court’s website.

In fact, a Delhi man has claimed in a petition that removing the word “India” by amending the constitution would free the country’s citizens from the colonial past.

“Although the English name is symbolic, its removal will bring a sense of pride to our own nationality, especially to future generations,” the petition said. In fact, using the word Bharat instead of India will do justice to the freedom we got from the difficult struggle of our forefathers.