Fighters of the Aerospace Forces of Russia were escorted by B-1B Lancer bombers of the US Air Force. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

According to the agency, the air defense systems spotted American military aircraft in the sky over the Black and Baltic Seas. After that, Su-27P and Su-30SM fighters took off. They approached the bombers at a safe distance and escorted the B-1B until they changed course. After completing the task, the fighters returned to base.

The Ministry of Defense emphasized that the flights of Russian aircraft took place “strictly in accordance with international rules.”

Earlier, the US Air Force European command reported that two B-1B Lancer flew over the Black Sea. Aircraft rose from an airbase in South Dakota.

On May 27, the press service of the command of the Sixth Fleet of the US Navy published a video of the interception of its reconnaissance aircraft Poseidon P-8A by two Russian Su-35 fighters.

The incident occurred on May 26 in the sky above the Mediterranean Sea and lasted a little over an hour. The US military complained not “unsafe and unprofessional”, as they believe, the actions of Russian pilots. The Pentagon believes that the Su-35 pinched the P-8A from two sides and prevented it from “safely maneuvering”.

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