Professional development and personality enrichment online training at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) center, Murshidabad, West Bengal: An evaluation by students

REsolv Corporation, Lexington USA organized and sponsored a three- week online training on “Professional Development and Personality Enrichment “(PDPE) for the graduates of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Center, Murshidabad, West Bengal, India. Realizing and identifying the problem of lack of English language proficiency, and the inadequacy of the available resources, REsolv Corporation took the initiative of enhancing and improving the communication skill of the students at the Aligarh campus and the extended centers of AMU through the online training for the development of the English language proficiency and the professional skills of the students.

The first 3-week online training was organized at AMU Center, Murshidabad aimed to deliver effective oral and written communication. It incorporated active listening, peer interaction, time management, and practical skill-building as its key strategies. The teaching methods included lectures, classroom discussions, reading, and written assignments, and simulation activities. As promised the training helped the learners to
Gain understanding needed to be confident in different professional settings.

Establish effective communication in terms of content, delivery, and connection to the audience.


Analyze situations and the audiences for effective and efficient communication

Engage writing as a process to produce coherent writing for different professional situations.

Recognize the importance of time and familiarizes with learning strategies for self-management and time management skills.

The workshop was attended by 20 participants on the first cum- first serve basis. The training was conducted remotely from Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.

Below are the participants’ quotes from PDPE training evaluation (All the participants were the first-year students of masters of business admiration at AMU Murshidabad campus):

I learned to speak confidently in front of the audience.

Khushnuma Reza

It was wonderful training that helped me to enhance my oral and written communication skills in a short duration of three weeks only. I would love to have more such training for a longer duration.

Summaiya Gauhar

It was a wonderful and fruitful program. It helped me to develop my overall personality and helped me to know about my strengths and weaknesses. I want more sessions for future training.

Osama Bin Aftab

Before joining the program I thought how this could a small online training program could help me in enhancing my professional and personality development skills. But this PDPE program truly helped me in overcoming my fears of public speaking. I know developing professional skills is a long learning process and requires a lot of time in reaching to perfection but this program focused on all the essential elements’ in improving presentation skills, improving communication skills oral and written, and many other essential skills. I am so happy to say that YES it really worth it.

Muskan Saxena

This program helped me to enhance my speaking and writing skills. It not just motivated me to learn but also instilled in me the enthusiasm to speak in front of a larger audience, despite that I do not have a strong vocabulary and a good command in English. This training helped me to gain the confidence to face a larger audience. I wish to have more such training in the future.

Mohamad Nawazuddin

This program really helped me to understand my potential. It was not just about enhancing public speaking, developing presentation skills, or improving writing skills, it was also about knowing ourselves, discovering ourselves, believing in ourselves, and knowing about our strengths and weaknesses. I see myself as a much more confident person at the end of the training.

Amir Suhail

About REsolv Corporation:

REsolv Corporation is a US-based company, works in fine chemicals. Mr. Syed Ali Rizvi, an alumnus of AMU is the President of the company. REsolv Corporation has taken a unique initiative by developing a close association with the AMU in the field of education. It provides assistance, guidance, training, and professional mentorship to the students of AMU and its extended centers as a volunteer service to the community. It is also expanding to other centers and universities across India.


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