In the protests that are now sweeping the United States over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, it has been reported that media people have been a specific target of riot police in cities across the United States.

After a video surfaced of the death of George Floyd who died following the intervention of police officer Derek Chauvin, protests began in the city of Minneapolis which later spread throughout the country and also to Europe.

The protests were peaceful at first but have escalated in recent days and police have been preparing for major riots throughout the world. Police have used pepper spray, rubber bullets, paint capsules, and force against protesters. The National Guard has also responded to the protests and assisted the police.



In many places, protesters have resorted to breaking windows and lighting fires in stores and even in police stations. There have also been a considerable number of videos and videos showing police arresting or otherwise using their powers against the media on the ground.

Then US President Donald Trump squabbled over the media and their involvement in the riots. The president said that the media tried what they could to incite hatred and anarchy, the media conveyed fake news and there were really bad people with disgusting policies.

The president has previously taken a stand with the police, and his behavior on Twitter has been criticized in the days when his tributes were believed to be exalted and incite violence. Took social media to block that particular squeak of the president.

Below is a section of Twitter thread that summarizes incidents where police have used force against the media in the US riots in recent days.

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