Many hundreds of protesters were arrested in many parts of the United States last night. Protests over the death of George Floyd have spread rapidly across the country and blaze fires across the night. Then there were organized protests in Copenhagen and London today.

For the fifth night in a row, crowds of Americans rush to the streets to protest the death of Floyd who died in Minneapolis police custody. Protesters demanded justice and want to eradicate racial prejudice among police officers. There were protests high in hundreds of cities across the country despite the curfew in many of them.



“We have to deal with this every day. Every day, young black people are victims of the system, ”says Tru Williams, a Sacramento resident who is one of the protesters in the city.

The protests took place in most places, but the tension intensified rapidly and soon began to boil. Buildings and windows and cars were destroyed in many places.

“It was a tough night in New York, there is no doubt. We saw things that we never want to see and that we want to make sure don’t happen in the future, “says Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York.

Residents are not all happy with the vandalism that accompanies the protest. “We can protest peacefully. All these fires are unnecessary,” says Aapri Cummings, a New York resident.

Fever has been rising in the protests lately, but at first, they were peaceful.

Protesters had many masks to defend themselves against the coronavirus. Many fear that the protests may cause the virus to spread more. Dozens of police officers and protesters were injured last night, but several have been killed in clashes in recent days.

Then people gathered in Copenhagen and London today and protests are being prepared in Austurvöllur on Wednesday.

“Of course we do this because the lives of blacks matter, we have to support it. It is not good that people are discriminated against because of skin color. We are all people, of course, ”says Soumaya Yusuf, a resident of Copenhagen, who attended the City Hall Square in the city today, along with more protesters.


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